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Bittersweet Cherries

In his poem “Fall,” the great Kentucky poet Wendell Berry writes: The wild cherries ripen, black and fat, Paradisal fruits that taste of no man’s sweat. Reach up, pull down the laden branch, and eat; When you have learned their bitterness, they taste sweet. The idea of finding the silver lining in a set of…

Blackberry Preserves

We never had enough money or sophistication to own a candy thermometer when I was growing up. When my mother made fudge, one of her specialties, and needed to figure out if it had reached the “soft ball” stage, she would drop a small spoonful of the boiling candy mixture into ice water. If she…


Sorry. Really. Many people were kind enough to share how much they enjoyed this blog. And, then, after all of the hullaballoo about the move, just when you wanted to know what was behind Door #3, I disappeared. I tried. I started a few posts. But none of them moved me. Truly, I didn’t have…


skirt! Magazine Publishes “Good Girl Gone”

The July issue of skirt! Magazine includes my essay “Good Girl Gone.”  Click on the title of this post or here for the link to the entire magazine; the essay is printed on page 30.  The theme for the month was “The F Word.”  Yay!